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Cakes wanted !!

Come on you lot, we know you can do it !! !!!!

With current donations ( 17 people ) we will be short of cakes for the Macc Half... so please could you embrace your inner baker ( or gently twist the arm of a loved one to find theirs...) to help if you can...


September 2017 Committee Meeting

The September Committee meeting is on Thursday 28th September at 8:15 pm in the Clubhouse.

Keith Mulholland

Chairman, Macclesfield Harriers & A.C.

Cake donations needed for the Macc Half !

First call for Cake donations needed for the Macc Half please!

Runners and supporters like cake, and most importantly  the money raised will boost the total given to our local charities... (yes, you making a cake WILL make a difference...)

Please contact me if you can help here...

I will be available to collect your donations at the Weds eve fell run on 20-09 

the B/C leisure centre run on 22-09
 bring them on the day
 Or talk to me about another plan!!

Thanks in advance- happy baking ! Fran Swallow

Track fees Proposal, Club Secretary Required, Committee Meeting Cancelled

A proposal for the collection of Track fees has been recently published in the September 'GO' magazine. The full proposal is also here in this website article. Please read the proposal below and pass on any comments to me by e mail or in person at the track on a Tuesday (contact details below).

Tracey Porritt has informed the Committee that she would like to resign as Club Secretary. Therefore we need another club member to take on the role. Please contact me if you are interested in taking on this role.

The committee meeting scheduled for Thursday 7th September has been cancelled as several committee members could not attend. The meeting will now be on Thu 28th September (8.15pm, Clubhouse) - members are welcome to attend..


Track and Overflow Car Park Access w/c 17th July

UPDATE: Check on arrival to see if the gates are locked

Due to an unauthorised incursion of a large number of cars to the overflow car park on the evening of Thursday 6th July, the LC management have decided to shut the access gate for an undetermined period  The main LC car park will therefore be very crowded particularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We are not happy about this and have been in contact with the LC management to explain our position. However they are insistent that access gate will be locked (on Police advice).

If you have any comments about this situation then please use the link and e mail address below to contact Everybody Sport and Leisure Trust and make them aware of how you feel.

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Macc Harriers Committee