Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Langley 7


(for 2017)

Update... we're full again, a couple of months before the date: thanks EVERYONE for your support.


We'd like a 'full field' on the day, so....


 - if you have a place, can't run but have a friend who wants to run please let me know ASAP (NOT on the day!) so I can update the start list

 - if you have to cancel and don't have a friend who'd like to run on your behalf, please let me know so someone else can run.

 - if you don't have a place but want to run please let me know and I'll add you to the wait list, and, if and when places become free, let you know.


Link for contact...

Entry list below !


Forename Surname Club
Christine Adkins Bramhall Runners
Pat Ahern Macclesfield Harriers
Jenny Airey Macclesfield Harriers
Nicholas Airey  
Hayden Alcock Buxton Ac
Sarmid Al-Kamil Bramhall Runners
Robert Anderson  
Amanda Anderson-Holton Knutsford Tri Club
Andy Ardron Macclesfield Harriers
Martin Ashby  
John Atkinson  
Jeremy Austin  
Andrew Bagshaw Bramhall Runners 
Stephanie Bailey Mow Cop Runners
Matt Bailey Macclesfield Harriers
James Baker  
Nathan Ball  
Oliver Barber  
Philip Barnes Pennine Fell Runners
Mike Barry Bramhall Runners
Matthew Basnett Mow Cop Runners
Peter Baxter  
Sara Bayley  
Margaret Beever Stainland Lions Rc
Chris Bentley Macclesfield Harriers
Emma Beveridge  
Kirsty Birch Pennine Fell Runners
Alannah Birtwistle Macclesfield Harriers
Sam Blacow Bramhall Runners
Lora Blann Altrincham AC
Rachael Blight Stockport Harriers
Wendy Boardman Macclesfield Harriers
Kevin Booth Knutsford Tri Club
Anna Bracegirdle  
Paul Bradbury  
Amanda Bradbury Wilmslow Running Club
Marc Bradford Macclesfield Harriers
Ben Bradley Macclesfield Harriers
Jenny Brammer Macclesfield Harriers
Gareth Briggs Wolves & Bilston
Rebecca Brimage Stockport Harriers
John Brocklehurst  
David Brotherhood  
Andrew Brotherhood  
Emily Brough  
Graham Brown Macclesfield Harriers
Richard Brown Macclesfield Harriers
Richard Brown Knutsford Tri Club
Stephen Brown Stockport Harriers
San Buckley  
Andy Buckroyd Macclesfield Harriers
Nick Budd Congleton Harriers
Phil Burns Stockport Harriers
Lois Buxton Macclesfield Harriers
Russ Cairns  
Paul Calnan  
Shirley Campbell  
Gerard Capes  
Frank Cassidy Macclesfield Harriers
Simon Caton Manchester Harriers
Richard Clark  
Anactoria Clarke  
Sean Connelly Macclesfield Harriers
Joseph Connor Bramhall Runners
Lynda Cook Macclesfield Harriers
Fiona Cooke Stockport Harriers
Steven Corden Staffordshire Moorlands
Lisa Cox Macclesfield Harriers
Melvyn Cragg  
Paul Crean Congleton Harriers
Dan Croft Macclesfield Harriers
Stephen Cross Marple Runners
Catharine Crossley Macclesfield Harriers
John Croxford  
Helen Croxford  
Ellie Croxford  
Norman Dakin  
Jeremy Davies Macclesfield Harriers
Martin Dawson North Derbyshire Running Club
Dawn Devine Macclesfield Harriers
Alexis Dinsmor Stockport Harriers
Mike Dixon Stockport Harriers
Liz Donlon Macclesfield Harriers
Maryann Downing Macclesfield Harriers
Karl Downing Macclesfield Harriers
Darren Dunn  
Rosalind Dyde  
Andy Dykins Macclesfield Harriers
Donna Eames  
Brian Evans Congleton Harriers
Marie Fairclough Bramhall Runners
Steve Fairclough Bramhall Runners
Julie Fairclough Bramhall Runners
Laura Fairhurst Altrincham AC
Simeon Farrington-Newman Stockport Harriers
Trevor Faulkner Wilmslow Running Club
Clare Finch Bramhall Runners 
Robert Finnis Macclesfield Harriers
Mark Fitzgerald Buxton Ac
Andrew Fletcher Mow Cop Runners
Cathy Florentine Macclesfield Harriers
Michael Ford  
Kate Foster Macclesfield Harriers
Simon Fox Macclesfield Harriers
Jerome Francis  
Simon Froggatt Fell Runners Association 
Andrea Frost Macclesfield Harriers
Josie Galbraith Boalloy
Heather Galloway Macclesfield Harriers
Ruth Gamwell  
Sara Geary Macclesfield Harriers
Michael Geoghegan Portobello Running Club
Christine Geraghty Wilmslow Striders
Monique Geraghty Victoria Park and Tower Hamlets
Geoff Gilbert Wilmslow Running Club
Kristy Gill Macclesfield Harriers
Rachel Gilliland Macclesfield Harriers
Mark Godden Macclesfield Harriers
Chris Goodfellow Macclesfield Harriers
Lynsey Goodge  
Richard Gratton  
Lynne Graves Macclesfield Harriers
Robert Graves Macclesfield Harriers
Helen Gray Goyt Valley Striders
Andy Gray Sunlight Runners
John Green NSRRA
Hannah Greenlee Chorlton Runners
Neil Gunn Macclesfield Harriers
Alison Gunn Macclesfield Harriers
David Haines Vale Royal Ac
Jill Haines Vale Royal Ac
Dee Hall Chorlton Runners
Richard Hall Bramhall Runners
Jennifer Halliwell Macclesfield Harriers
Raymond Handley Southport Waterloo
Carol Handley  
Tim Harden Congleton Harriers
Ann Harris Macclesfield Harriers
Jemma Harris Macclesfield Harriers
Louise Harrison Stockport Tri
Nigel Harrison Stockport Tri
Helen Harrison  
David Hayton Macclesfield Harriers
Sophie Haywood Vale Royal Ac
Nicholas Heaton Bramhall Runners 
Phil Heaword Bramhall Runners
Craig Hewitt Congleton Harriers
Craig Hibbert  
Jenny Hibbert  
Mike Hill Wilmslow Running Club
Debbie Hill Congleton Harriers
Carolyn Hirons Wilmslow Running Club
Ewan Holton Knutsford Tri Club
Christian Hook Wilmslow Running Club
Debbie Hope Staffordshire Moorlands
Sally Hopkin Macclesfield Harriers
Michael Eric Horton NSRRA
David Howells  
Geoffrey Hull Macclesfield Harriers
Nick Hulme Trentham Rc
Carolyn Hume Stockport Tri
Craig Hunt Wilmslow Running Club
Kathryn Hutchinson Macclesfield Harriers
Lisa Hynes Stockport Harriers
Sam Iddon  
Sandre Jackson Congleton Harriers
Malcolm Jackson Congleton Harriers
Bev Jackson Altrincham AC
Mary Jeal Glossopdale Harriers
Helen Jeffery Congleton Harriers
Jelenia Jimenez Macclesfield Harriers
Tim Johnson  
Adrian Jones  
Paul Kain Chorlton Runners
Esther Kavanagh Dixon Stockport Harriers
Sarah Kelly  
Polly Kennerley Congleton Harriers
Zarka Khan  
Adrian Kirk  
Valerie Kulkarni Macclesfield Harriers
Carron Lane Winston Runners
Jenny Law  
Rachael Lawrance Macclesfield Harriers
Steve Lawson  
Lisa Leggett  
Matthew Lewis Macclesfield Harriers
Lok Li Bramhall Runners 
Melanie Li Bramhall Runners 
David Livingstone  
Richard Longley Staffordshire Moorlands
Kerry Samantha Marchant Staffordshire Moorlands
Angela Markley Macclesfield Harriers
David Marsden Stafford Harriers
John Marsden  
Catherine Mather  
Bernard Mccarron Macclesfield Harriers
Danny Mccarron Chorlton Runners
Allan Mccormick Wilmslow Running Club
Maria Mcmaster  
Diane Mcvey Wilmslow Running Club
David Mellor Stockport Harriers
Andy Melvin Stockport Harriers
Jonathan Metcalfe  
Susannah Middleton Macclesfield Harriers
Des Miles  
Sarah Miles Wilmslow Running Club
Kate Mills Knutsford Tri Club
Gary Mitchell  
Catherine Mitchell  
Simon Moffatt  
Andrea Moir Macclesfield Harriers
Lauren Mollart Knutsford Tri Club
Matthew Mollart  
Simon Moorhouse Buxton Ac
Morag Morgan Bramhall Runners
Jo Moss Congleton Harriers
Chris Moss Congleton Harriers
Keith Mulholland Macclesfield Harriers
Iain Murdoch Stockport Harriers
Vikki Murphy Bramhall Runners 
Helen Murray Knutsford Tri Club
Terry Neild Macclesfield Harriers
Tom Neill  
Sandra Newall  
Harry Newton Macclesfield Harriers
Alice Nimmo Congleton Harriers
James Noakes Macclesfield Harriers
Ray O'Keefe Macclesfield Harriers
Maurice Oldham Manchester Harriers
Jamie Oldland  
Geoff Osbaldestin Mow Cop Runners
Kelly Packham  
Robert Page  
Tony Park Stockport Harriers
Rob Parkin Congleton Harriers
Robbie Peal Macclesfield Harriers
Tom Peers  
James Perry Macclesfield Harriers
Jennie Pickard Bramhall Runners
Karen Piper Hanley  
Jo Podolanski Bramhall Runners
Francis Nigel Poole Congleton Harriers
Diana Powell Bramhall Runners
Sarah Proudmore Boalloy
Lindsay Purdie Macclesfield Harriers
Phil Ramsey Bramhall Runners
Andrew Ratcliffe Macclesfield Harriers
Louise Ratcliffe  
Gary Richardson Stockport Harriers
Stuart Rider Congleton Harriers
Catherine Rigby  
Christine Ritchie Macclesfield Harriers
Judith Ritchie Macclesfield Harriers
Linn Robinson  
Linn Robinson  
Martin Rous Congleton Harriers
Andrew Rowe Macclesfield Harriers
Lindsey Russell Macclesfield Harriers
Mike Scott  
Mark Sharrock  
Steve Shaughnessy Stockport Harriers
Jimmy Sheldon Hyde Park Harriers
Clare Simpson  
Lesley Sinclair Stockport Harriers
Martin Skirvin  
Julie Smith Macclesfield Harriers
Michael Smith Macclesfield Harriers
Tony Smith Congleton Harriers
Ben Snell Stockport Harriers
Melanie Snow  
Robert Soames Congleton Harriers
Adina Stan Bramhall Runners 
Michael Stanley Congleton Harriers
Paul Steel Congleton Harriers
Bella Stevenson Chorlton Runners
Amy Stiven Unattached
Vanessa Stokoe Macclesfield Harriers
Sue Strang Wilmslow Running Club
Harry Stubbs Congleton Harriers
Paul Stubbs-Jefferies Knutsford Tri Club
Lesley Sutton Goyt Valley Striders
Fran Swallow Macclesfield Harriers
Nigel Sym Macclesfield Harriers
Anna Tappenden Macclesfield Harriers
Clare Taylor Bramhall Runners
Paul Taylor Bramhall Runners
F Taylor  
David S. Taylor Congleton Harriers
David Taylor Staffordshire Moorlands
Mark Taylor Staffordshire Moorlands
Sara Taylor Stockport Harriers
Angus Tennant Macclesfield Harriers
Chris Tetley Goyt Valley Striders
Chris Thomas Congleton Harriers
Barrie Thomason Macclesfield Harriers
Katy Thornhill  
Andrew Tomlinson Bramhall Runners
Suzanne Trueman Attached 
Robert Turner  
Matthew Tute  
Philippa Tyson South Cheshire Harriers
Carol Upton Macclesfield Harriers
Cliff Veighey  
Daniel Venn  
Tracy Vernon Goyt Valley Striders
Peter Vince Macclesfield Harriers
Catherine Voyce Macclesfield Harriers
Paul Wain Knutsford Tri Club
Neil Walker Altrincham AC
Mark Walker Macclesfield Harriers
David Walker Macclesfield Harriers
Michael Walton Macclesfield Harriers
Steffi Ward Stoke Fit
Fred Wardle Macclesfield Harriers
Sue Waring Stockport Harriers
Helen Wassall Boalloy
David Waterhouse Stockport Harriers
Nicola Waterworth Macclesfield Harriers
Louise Watkins  
Helen Watters Chorlton Runners
Stewart Waudby Macclesfield Harriers
Jennifer Webber Mow Cop Runners
Brian West  
Elsa West Macclesfield Harriers
Emma Weston Congleton Harriers
Martin Wheeldon Wilmslow Striders
Mark Whelan Goyt Valley Striders
Tessa Whiskard  
Seamus White Staffordshire Moorlands
Tom Whitfield  
Melanie Whittaker Macclesfield Harriers
Andrew Whittingham Wilmslow Running Club
James Williams Macclesfield Harriers
Peter Williams Wilmslow Striders
Fiona Wilson Macclesfield Harriers
James Wilson  
Catherine Wilson Macclesfield Harriers
John Wiseman Bramhall Runners
Verity Wolstencroft Knutsford Tri Club
Andy Wolstenholme  
Charmaine Wood Congleton Harriers
Karl Woolfenden  
Melanie Worthington Congleton Harriers
Nigel Wright Congleton Harriers
James Yates Congleton Harriers
Olga Yatsenko  



It's Langley time again Saturday November 4th 2017 at 2pm.


Pretty well everything will be as the last couple of years.... so if you've run before you know what to expect, if not, think... run up the hill, run back down again, drink tea, eat cake....


All the race proceeds will once again go to the Rossendale Trust, we've raised on average £3000 per year for each of the last few years, and hope to do as well (or better!) this year, so thanks for your continuing support.


We're not sure yet, but there's a chance this could be the last Langley 7, not due to lack of support, far from it, we've sold out for the last 5 years, but because the yard we use as the race car park may well be developed soon, which means we'll have nowhere for you to park ! Nothing finalised yet: we'll let you know when we know.


(for 2016) A start list , and some instructions are below.

The 2016 race will take place on the 5th November at 2pm, and is open for online entries via

The entry fee has been kept the same for 2016.

All other details as previous years, and, once again all proceeds will be donated to the Rossendale Trust.



******* Full for 2015, thanks for your support !! ********

The race is the final race in the Cheshire Grand Prix this year.

There's an entry list here ....

and some info about the race here .....

A couple of requests.....

If you have a place but can’t or don’t want to run, but know someone who does, please send me ASAP (ie now!) your and their details. I can do the swap now, but not on the day, we’re just too busy !

 Please, please car share, we’ve got a full field again this year: we should be able (just!) to fit you in the car park, but arrive early to be sure.

That’s about it: thanks once again for entering our race and helping us raise funds for the Rossendale Trust.

Have a good race ! Cheers Julian, Macclesfield Harriers and AC



Just to let you all know....

... that we handed over a cheque for £2345.50 to the Rossendale Trust today, which will make a BIG difference to them and what they can offer.

So thanks to everyone: runners, marshals, bakers, helpers and everyone else who made the race go well, and helping us make a difference.

We'll be back on the 7th November 2015, with more details to follow closer to the day.

Cheers ! Julian and the Langley 7 team.

(For 2014)

We had a nice warm day, a bit breezy on the tops but decent views to compensate once you got there !

Huge thanks to everyone who helped today's race go so well. All the many and various marshals, finish team, the results team, all the cake makers for their very generous donations, the tea and cake department, St John's bicycle team, Bryan Dale photos, John Honey Physio, Bollington Brewery, all the folk who donated stuff for the slightly eclectic goody bags for free, all the good folk of Langley Methodist Church for letting us borrow their hall for free, everyone I've forgotten, and last but not least the 288 runners for helping us raise well over £2000 for the Rossendale Trust.

If you have any comments on the race, suggestions for improvement, whatever - good or bad, we'd love to hear from you - we're on facebook here!/Maccharriers or you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Bryan's Photos are here

And results should be here

Once again many thanks, see you next year !

*** Updated*** 


We're full this year, and unfortunately there'll be no entries on the day.

Many thanks for your support !!!

A list of current (ish... give us a few days... ) entries is here

Some information on this year's race is here

This year's race will take place at 2pm on Saturday November 1st.

7 miles round the 'scenic and challenging' circuit (only one hill !) on quiet country lanes.

LARGE quantities of tea and cake to be consumed post-race at the Church Hall

All other details essentially as previous years.. see here ...

.... except that this year, we're raising funds for the Rossendale Trust, a Langley-based charity (in fact on the route, at about 2 miles, and they'll be there to cheer you on !) that supports people with learning and physical disabilities to lead the very best lives they can. A worthy cause I'm sure you'll agree, so we're hoping to raise as much as possible.

For more info about them, see here.

An entry form is here...

And online entries here ....

The race is 'about' 7 miles long - here's links to 2 PDF's of the route at differentscalesand also aprofile. It's also on the webhere,


(For 2013)

Hi all, just a quick note to thank EVERYONE involved in this year's race.  We dodged the showers for the most part, and there were some excellent times set despite the conditions.

All the marshals, timekeepers, and everyone who helped in the hall and at the car parking, special thanks to Dave Jackson who was out at 7 am and spent 3 hours marking out the course, then went round and collected them all in again !

Everyone who baked cakes for the post race refreshments, they must have been good as they all went !

St John's Ambulance, who fortunately didn't have too much to do

Cheshire Police, who weren't initiiallly able to come but in the end did a fine job for us.

John Honey Physio, to sort out your tired and aching legs post-race

Bryan Dale Photos, doing a sterling job as ever

North West Water, for letting us use their reservoir .

Thanks all for eating up the tea and cake, and hope you all enjoy your goody bags and beer. We've raised over £1800 for East Cheshire Hospice.

Click for results

Next year's race will be on 1st November 2014, hope to see you there !

Cheers Julian and the race organising team.


 The race is 'about' 7 miles long - here's links to 2 PDF's of this year's route  at different scales and also a profile. It's also on the web here,


(Updated for 2012)

Thanks to everyone who made Saturday's race a success.....

The results are here ......

a fine win in the men's by Tim, despite his mum telling me he's just out for a jog - how many have said that - and Diane retained her title from last year. interestingly almost 75% of the field were veterans.

Photos - and video ! of you all are here

Hope you all enjoyed your post-race beer. Numbers slightly down on last year, possibly due to the Tatton half the day after, but we don't mind too much..

We hope to see you all again next year though !

We'll let you know in the next couple of days how much we've raised for East Cheshire Hospice.

Thanks once again, Julian Brown, Alison Horsfield, Dave Buxton and all the organising team !


(Updated for 2011)

Huge thanks to the organising committee, all the marshals, the tea and cake makers, and not least the runners for another successful race. Hope you all enjoyed your beer !!

The results are here. Congratulations to Damian, Angela and all the other prize winners, and to everyone who finished a tough race. (though it'd be a lot tougher today, you'd need your wellies to get round.....)

And £2300 has been raised for East Cheshire Hospice, so many thanks for that too.

We do have a modest quantity of beer left over, this'll be sold off at £1 / bottle (or £12 / case including a free gift !) until it's all gone; get in touch with Tim Stock if you'd like to relieve him of a few bottles.

We have a goodly number of entries already, but we're not full, and will be taking entries on the day.

If possible, though, pleasee enter on line beforehand - here. If you do want to enter on the day PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.

We'll have Bryan Dale taking pictures of you - details here - Hopefully John Honey physio offering massage at the end - details here

some spot prizes  ... and of course some pre- and post- race tea and cakes for sale to boost the coffers of East Cheshire Hospice.

Hope to see you on Saturday !!!


This year's race will take place on November 5th, 2011, at 2pm ish, round the same scenic and challenging course as last year (details below)

A form is available here, and online entries are available at  - here . Your entry number will be confirmed to you and you can pick it up on race day.

As previously, we are hoping for a full field (300) as all proceeds go to the East Cheshire Hospice. 


(Updated For 2010)

This is one of our most popular races and although some months away organisation is now in full swing.

This year’s race will be held on 6th November 2010 and starts at 2pm from Langley Methodist Church, hopefully slightly earlier than normal to ensure the race gets underway before the bus arrives in the village !!. Entry details are below.

Your entry number will then be confirmed to you by email and you can pick it up from Race HQ on the day.

The route will be the same as last year, details are below.

There are extra prizes this year but the race limit is only 300 so get your entries in early  - it has been a sell out for the last 2 years.

All net proceeds will go to East Cheshire Hospice as in previous years.


(From 2009)

 Thanks to all who turned out on Saturday - marshals, organisers, cake makers, beer brewers, and all the helpers behind the scenes - and not forgetting the runners !

We had over 350 entries - a sell-out !! - but hopefully everyone got a run and enjoyed themselves (and the bottle of beer afterwards).

Results are here.

And we think we've raised at least £1500 for East Cheshire Hospice, which is what it's all about really.

Once again thanks all - and see you next year (but enter early !!)


Results from 2008 are here.

The results of previous years races are here - footle with the tabs at the bottom.

Tea and cakes will be On Sale in the Methodist Church afterwards !!, (Extra cakes have been made for you !!) - and all profits from the race (including tea and cake sales) are going to East Cheshire Hospice, so it's in a good cause too !

We have changed the finish (slightly) from previous years to save you having to run over the (usually muddy) village green - we've changed the start a bit too so the race is still the same length - (and still 'scenic and challenging'.) Note the new start location.

The Harriers organise this "hilly and scenic" road race on the first Saturday of November each year.

This year (2009 !) it's on November 7th at 2:30 pm.

Here's a PDF document of previous years' route and profile - as you can see it's not changed all that much, a little bit more 'flat' before the 'climb' and a bit less 'flat' after the 'descent' !! And no muddy field at the finish.

Bryan MacFadyen took some video footage - see youtube...